Dr Siddharth Shah РCo founder 

Dr. Siddharth, Consultant Gynaecologist and Advanced Gynaecologist-Laparoscopic Surgeon. Dr.Siddharth completed his Masters in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Mumbai and further honed his expertise in Gynaecology-Laparoscopy at Eva Hospital, Ahmedabad. With rigorous training spanning over two years at a premier Laparoscopy center in the country, he has amassed extensive experience in managing diverse and challenging surgical cases.

Since 2017, Dr. Siddharth has dedicated his practice exclusively to the highly specialized field of Gynaec-Laparoscopy. Having performed over 5000 surgeries, he is recognized for his proficiency and precision in surgical interventions. Presently, he collaborates with over 50 hospitals in and around Vadodara, providing comprehensive gynaecological care with a focus on laparoscopic procedures.

Dr Siddharth Shah