Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries at Atharv

Laparoscopy has become the standard of care in gynecology since the past decade, with increasing number of centers performing these surgeries.

However the learning curve for laparoscopy is steep. Difficult complicated cases need to be operated at dedicated centers by a skilled surgical super specialty team backed by advanced technological support, to avoid dreadful complications.

Dr. Siddharth Shah has trained rigorously under one of the best laparoscopic Surgeons of India, Dr. Dipak Limbachiya.

His surgical experience includes operating more than 5000 difficult cases with a next to zero complication rate, and is also one of the few surgeons in Vadodara who performs Laparoscopic surgeries for Gyn- Cancer cases successfully.

Diseases and Symptoms

Clearance of disease to relieve pain and restore Tubo-ovarian relationship

Tubal ovary, cervical, scar with minimum damage to tubes and ovaries

Lap Ovarian rejuvination and ovarian PRP

Diagnostic HysteroLaparoscopy for Infertility
Theraptic Hysteroscopy for:
i) Adhesionlysis
ii) Septum removal
iii) Removal of Small fibroids
iv) Endometrial activations (for thin ET)
Apart from the surgical aspect of fertility enhancement to complete the spectrum of infertility management, Atharv Women’s Superspeciality Hospital has partnered with Sneh Hospital (Ahmedabad) to bring the best possible care to Vadodara.
Services provided:
Diagnosis and counselling for Infertility
Ovulation Induction and Folicular Study
Medical and Surgical Management of Male Infertility